DAY 1. Arrival - apartment's hotel - booked in old part of Dubai (on a side where Burj Khalifa is as Dubai is separated into two parts). I recommend to rent an apartment there, they are very specious with great views , roof top pool and in much better price point - I am more then happy to share exact links to the hotel via private msg.


DAY 2. Beach Day - Jumeirah Public Beach - La Mer Dubai - amazing complex of beach and designer restaurants with magical feel to it, perfect for afternoon refreshment after the sun.


Dinner under Burj Khalifa : Leila Restaurant ( Lebanese ) + Fountain Show under Burj Khalifa - best view is from just under Dubai Mall - it’s inspired by the Vegas Fountain Show - definitely a must.


Day 3. Gold Souk Dubai - Magical !

Dinner at Arabian Tea House where you can find amazing food in a nice hidden garden.


Day 4. Sunrise on Burj Khalifa (amazing experience to see it first by night and then as it wakes up )

Dubai Mall Shopping + Aquarium

Dinner I would suggest At the Private Marina “ The Boardwalk " (on a water few kinds of restaurants levelled up - so chic - with the view over the city on a an opposite side)


Day 5. Beach Day Jumeirah Public Beach next to Dubai Creek + Afternoon tea at La Terrasse ( you feel there like Alice in the Wanderland )


Day 6. Trip do Abu Dhabi - Seeing Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque for sunset . Its magical by day and by night.


Day 7. Beach Day at Hotel Emirates Palace ( on of most luxuries hotel in the world ). Trip back to Dubai new part where Burj Al Arab is.


Day.8 Burj Al Arab Beach day and

Dubai Marina Dinner ( there is million restaurants there )


Day 9. Desert Sunset Trip, with dinner and show. There are many companies which are organising it for you, but its definitely worth to experience. 

Day 10. Time to go home !

It's very hard for me to recommend more restaurants, because I don't know everybody's budget. Myself ? I tried the balanced approach, spend more money in magical places I mentioned above  and the rest of my meals prepare at home. Since I was renting out apartments ( in all three locations ), which kitchens were bigger then my whole studio in Paris it was a pleasure to prepare small meal and then take it to the roof and enjoy the view over the city. Supermarkets are quite cheap, with pretty international products. 

In regards to public transport, I am more then happy to share more via private msg, it's pretty well organised. Google Maps worked perfectly. Just be aware that Dubai is really big and it is time consuming to move everywhere. My Trip Plan was based on distance. You cannot go to Gold Souk and then to the Tarasse Cafe as it will takie you 1,5h to get there.

If you have any questions please contact me on : maja@majakotala.com