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Name: Felicity 
Surname: Henderson
Job: Freelance Dancer, fitness instructor , childrens entertainer and promotion hostess 

Origin: Gold Coast Australia

Lives: Dubai 'The sandpit'
Interesting facts : I have traveled to over 80 countries 

Q1. How did you become vegan ? 

     I started like many or most vegan start with these words "I could NEVER be vegan." TRUST ME almost every vegan has said these words at some point in their life! 

     I was very young when i knew i didnt want to eat meat, i guess for me it was about the animals. I remember being about 6 or 7 and crying singing "bar bar black sheep" when my dad told me we were having lamb. 

I think i was 16 when i first turned vegetarian. My mum was so worried! She had NO idea what to feed me. I was vegetarian/ pescatarian for the next 9 years  till i finally left the cruise ship industry where i was working as a Dancer. I knew on the ships my meals were cooked for me and lets say it was not really my place to ask for anything special. I had been wanting to try vegan since 2013 when i lived with 2 other vegan dancers in LA for the summer. For me once i was off the ships and back on land cooking my own meals i wanted to try. I was just back from a trip to the Philippines when i feel really sick with food poising. It was about the same time i was on Facebook and my same vegan friend had posted a video on the dairy industry. I woke up the next day vegan just like that no real planning or anything i just knew I had to do it and have never looked back. 

Q3.Easy but unusual Vegan Meals you can recommend?


I LOVE lentils and beans ! full of protein and iron and SUPER easy to make !! 

I would say the most simple dish i always turn to is 


1 can lentils in water ( any ) 

1 can chopped/ blended tomatoes 

2-3  table spoons of tomato paste (some iron right there) 


1 onion chopped 

2 cloves garlic crushed 


1 teaspoon of turmeric 

1 teaspoon chilli ( only if you like kick) 

1 table spoon olive oil



in a pot add oil and onion cook for about 30 sec to a min on high the add garlic and spices 

next add the lentils and tomato and tomato paste 

cook for about 5 min and you have a vegan meat sauce... use in tacos, spaghetti, in rice, quinoa 

Q2. Why we all should consider this lifestyle change ?

The biggest benefit i felt after becoming vegan was not physical at all but in fact mental ! 

My mental health improved DRAMATICALLY, i didnt get as upset or worried about things i didnt get stressed over situation that would normally really weigh me down and i can say i felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders!  

I think most people would love to feel like that! 

The other reason I would say you should consider this change is an environmental and health one! Its very well known now that eating an animal/ animal product based diet drastically increase your chance of disease. So even just cutting down a bit will give your body a break and fill your body with life not death. 

the environmental factor is a big one for anyone that has kids or wants kids, the animal agriculture business is one of the worst for the earth and its resources. 

Q4 Describe your daily healthy routine .

 it changes but i always drink about 3-4 liters of water and have 2-4 different fruits. and about 3-6 different veg 

i do yoga and Lagree Megaformer almost everyday i make sure to get some time outside in the sun and fresh 


Q5. Quick msg to all the people who think its too difficult to change .

Its not more expensive and its really not harder even when traveling i can ALWAYS find something!

try for a month or more and feel the difference yourself you will be hooked 

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