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Name: Jennifer
Surname: Chiu

Origin: Born and raised in Napa Valley California, my family is from Taiwan 

Lives: San Francisco, CA

Interesting facts: I travel to Cabo San Lucas once a month, or somewhere once a month. I work at a company called TrustedSite as a marketing associate. Before that I was a manager at my family’s Chinese restaurant (Golden Harvest) for 15 years. Now I enjoy traveling and blogging. 

Q1. How did you become vegan ? 

I became vegetarian in 2010, because I had just graduated from college and I had gained a lot of weight and I just felt unhealthy. So I changed my diet. I would add in fish occasionally (sushi mostly) but I didn’t eat meat, and I still ate dairy, cheese and eggs. 


I remember when my boyfriend and I were in the Maldives last August (2017), we both were listening on audible “The Happy vegan” by Russels Simmons and “How Not to Die” by Dr. Michael Greger, and we both decided that when we got back home we would go vegan. We both thought it was going to be a challenge because we loved sushi but surprisingly it was really easy. 


Q2. Why we all should consider this lifestyle change?


There are many reasons to go vegan. For your health, for the environment or for the animals. The number one reason I went vegan was for me, my health. But then I started learning about how factory farming works and how it impacts our eco system and then suddenly it’s not just about my health. Now it’s for those poor animals who suffer and die for our satisfaction. "Vegan" is such a strong and powerful word because it’s not just about your diet, it’s about the lifestyle. I’m not perfect, I’m still transitioning my lifestyle to vegan. I would recommend educating yourselves with the same resources that I did when I made the decision to go vegan. 

Q3. Easy but Unusual Vegan Meals you can recommend?


They’re not unusual but Tacos! On Tuesdays (Taco Tuesday) my boyfriend and I like to make something different from our usual veggie stir fry. Tacos are super easy and fun!


I like to dice up zucchini and onions, sautée in a pan with corn and edamame and then top my taco off with guacamole and salsa. YUM!

Q4. Describe your daily healthy routine


Every morning I like to start my morning with a 45-60 minute workout after my workout I like to make myself a green smoothie that contains: Greens, protein, fat, and fiber. 


I head to work for the day (For lunch I’ll always have a big green salad) and then after work I head to the gym for another workout. This time I like to attend a class like Barry’s bootcamp, barre, yoga, or spin. After wards, I head home, shower, and make a healthy stir fry filled with broccoli, Brussels sprouts, edamame, and carrots with a side of quinoa. 


(This routine is when I am in the city for work, when I am traveling I have a similar routine)

Q5. Quick msg to all the people who think its too difficult to change.


Change can be difficult but when you want to do better and be better you have to be willing to change. In order for change to happen you have to want it for yourself. Do it for something you are passionate about like yourself! Self love is the best reason to nourish and take care of your body. 

One small change everyday can change the world. 

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