PARIS GUIDE - Restaurants

October 20, 2018

Coming to Paris for few days ? Here are a few places you can't miss.

Express Morning Yoga

May 13, 2018

If you are a beginner, or travelling the World, is always a great idea to start your day with easy Yoga sequence. 

Together with Leah, we have prepared few different poses you can do at home, hotel room or anywhere you go.

Meet The Muse

April 27, 2018

Meet our second muse: ThatJennGirl. Looking trough instagram pages you see a lot of interesting profiles , but this one brought my attention and brought smile on my face. I am honoured to share it here with You.

My Bucket List

April 23, 2018

. . why not ! Lets inspire each other. Here are 50 things I would like to experience in life . . 

Meet The Muse

April 14, 2018

Meet our first muse : Felicity , a young dancer, who conquered half of the world. I was lucky to catch her ( I am sure in between flights ) and ask her few questions about her life style choice : being Vegan. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did .

10 Healthy Meals Around 10 Euro

April 10, 2018

You might not believe, but yet it is possible. Please find here inspiration to a healthy diet in affordable price .

Home Decor

March 27, 2018

Have you ever thought your home can look like a millionaire's place ? Here are some suggestions on how to do it. .

Get The Healthy Body Today

March 27, 2018

No more excuses . . if you want to stay fit and healthy, here are some workouts you can do at home !

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