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Joe Le Brigand takes a new turn in a fashion industry . It combines the African prints and amazing Parisians silhouette into one look .


As the brands name :"Joe the thief" suggests the collection has very strong characteristics : pockets to hide the treasures, comfortable material for easy escapes and organic colours which can be used as well as a camouflage .


Amazing brand/store which unites different designs and artists from Kenya with signature bags as a top design . 

Heartmade & handmade from old sailcloth called “tanga”. The weathered sailcloth is from Dhows, typical sailing boats of Kenya. Wind, sun, rain, seawater and many years on the Indian Ocean have weathered these tangas to be real pieces of art. 

Bikini Culture is your one stop shop of all the most fabulous swimsuit brands from all corners of the world. It makes every woman's job of finding the right bikini less of a nightmare and more of a hobby. Collaborating with over 20 of the best international brands you can be sure to find a costume suitable for every occasion; whether you're a surfer, lounging on a boat in the Mediterranean or simply want the perfect tanning bikini you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit. 

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GABERON is a brand dedicated to the modern city dweller. The rigor of the city life can not restrain body from its natural desires and pursuits. Metropolitan environment exposes us to temptations and technologies, that constantly absorb us. GABERON is an homage to human vitality, the force that can never be tamed.  GABERON manifests the bodily, the earthly and what is about to come.

"Once adorned, forever transformed."

Working from her intimate home atelier Jessica strived to create handmade exclusive pieces for her clients that passed through her hands believing strongly that the key to success is achieved through three things, passion, patience and most importantly persistence.

CROWMAD - unique handmade scarfs and wraps.

The process of creation is inspired by old wool felting techniques, still used by nomads living in the steps of Mongolia. It is a very strenuous and time consuming process. The only materials involved are raw fibers from different breeds of the merino sheep, warm water, and soap made from olive oil. 

On average, it takes up to four days to create just the right texture and aesthetic.

Established and designed in Paris, the contemporary knitwear brand RÊVE DUEL is synonymous with versatility, power and uniqueness.

With its experimental textiles, vibrant jacquard designs, and detailed Italian craftsmanship, RÊVE DUEL has created a beautiful world of the delicate mixed with the bold.

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