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DAY 1. Paris - Gare de L'est 
+ 2h30 min drive 
1. Château de Chambord - is one of the most recognisable châteaux in the world because of its very distinctive French Renaissance architecture which blends traditional French medieval forms with classical Renaissance structures. The building, which was never completed, was constructed by King Francis I of France.
13 EURO - Entrance ( "impressive outside boring inside" ) 30-45 to walk around, parking just next to the castle (6 euro).
2. Château Royal de Blois -Built in the middle of the town that it effectively controlled, the château of Blois comprises several buildings constructed from the 13th to the 17th century around the main courtyard
3. Château de Cheverny - is a rare thing within the Loire Valley - a chateau that appears untouched by the Renaissance. This could have a lot to do with the fact that it has remained in the same family, the Huraults, for six centuries. Built sometime between 1604 and 1635, depending on whose account you read, the 17th century chateau is built in pure Louis XIII classical style with a rigid symmetry. The look is softened by the architect’s use of different roof styles from bell towers to domes.
(+20 min drive from Chambord , free parking,
14 EURO - Entrance )
4. Château de Chenonceau- an architectural mixture of late Gothic and early Renaissance, Château de Chenonceau and its gardens are open to the public. Other than the Royal Palace of Versailles, it is the most visited château in France.
(13 EURO - Entrance + 45 min drive from Cheverny - amazing to see from the inside - no need for audio guide the booklet at the front holds enough information)
DAY 2.
1.Château d'Ussé ( Sleeping Beauty )

- Once upon a time there was a fairy tale castle overlooking the rivers Indre and Loire . . it was so marvellous that Charles Perrault took it as inspiration for his tale of Sleeping Beauty.

Whether you are young or old, step inside the castle and marvel as the fairy tale springs to life before your very eyes. Follow in the footsteps of Vauban, Perrault, Chateaubriand, Le Nôtre and the Blacas family who still live in this illustrious Loire Valley château today.

(11 EURO ENTRENCE - beautiful place, definitely worth to see from the inside, Probably 1h-1,5h)

2. Gardens of Villandry - Stunning gardens. Make sure to visit Chateau de Villandry when touring the castles of the Loire Valley, if only for the magnificent gardens, especially the formal ones. One of a kind, beautiful and stunning. 
(+15 min drive from the Usse )
3. Tours - GOOD FOR LUNCH - “Garden of France (“Le Jardin de la France”) because of the many parks located within the city, and is also famous for its Vouvray wine and chateaux. (+20-30min drive from the Gardens)
4. Château du Clos Lucé ( Da Vinci House )is a large château in the city of AmboiseFrance. The place is famous for being the official residence of Leonardo da Vinci between 1516 and 1519, when Leonardo died.  (+35min drive from Tours )

5. Château d'Amboise - overlooks the Loire in Amboise in the department of Indre-et-Loire . It is part of the castles of the Loire .

Before being attached to the crown in 1434 , the castle belonged, for more than four centuries, to the powerful family of Amboise . During the Renaissance , it serves as residence to several kings of France .

The last two are a walking distance from each other. Under the last castle is small village perfect for small stop and a coffee . I would suggest to stop at the DaVinci house and then walk over to the chateau.
6. Orleans - DINNER TIME on a way back to Paris.
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