Medina .

Médine .

Each stone is a book

as old as fables

Each street is a story

as intricate as night

Each house is a novel

with pages gnawed by rats .

The  magic of Morocco and it's indescribable beauty is something I will hold in my heart forever. . The love between the people opened my eyes and touched my soul with something I have never seen before. 

It was from the first seconds I came outside of the plane I knew that this place is for me .

The smell of the air, the smile of the strangers, the holy rules, which I found so helpful against to what everyone said to me before I had left .

I fell in love with Morocco so much that I came back three times in one year craving more adventure and to see more. From the water to the desert, from the old to the new every little corner owns a history which is whispered around trough the wind.

Yes, I would be happy to share more, but yet some secrets are better to stay secret.

But I tell you one thing:

Pack and go .

Let the noise of the medina show you the beauty, 

and ( -isnhallah- ) you will find what I found.