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1. To start with, the most important part of the apartment is the floor. Invest your money in natural materials as wood, stone or give it a  bit more character by adding cement tiles or this season popular terazzo.

2. Good light plays another important role in every place. The trick is to emphasise the windows by hanging the drape rails as close to the ceiling as possible. It will enlarge the proportions of both and the wall and the window.

3.Don't be afraid to play with colour. Sometimes it's worth to break the rules and play with contrast. This season some graphic elements in your interiors are really fashionable. Personally I love monochromatic strong, slightly smoked dimmed colours.  


4.Organisation, organisation, organisation. We all have tendencies to overload our homes. Make sure that visible are only elements, which you want people to see. Think twice before you put that "lovely" picture from childhood in pink dress, next the orange frame you have from last holidays. Less is more. And you can always create a winter and summer rotation to keep your apartment fresh and in tact.  

5. If you do like to have quite a bit accessories in your home? Pick one original item which would be playing a central role in the room.It could be a painting, vase, carpet, sculpture etc.  All the rest should stay in the same theme of, or colour, or style. It will make your apartment special and pleasant for an eye of your guests.





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