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By Maja Kotala

Program based on creating safe environment and training in four categories:  design, pattern making, sewing and business structure.


Stage 1. Finding place suitable for setting up a studio.

After a previous consultation with local authorities, securing right room, building, space designated for study.  Setting up tables, chairs and space for particular classes.


Stage 2. Integration

General meeting of all the attendants. Exchange of information of general needs and dreams. Setting up goals and learning about culture differences and similarities in daily life and fashion.


Stage 3. Purchase of sewing machines and all necessary products.

Preceding with a found raise, research and final purchase of sewing machines, basic sewing needs, fabrics and materials (list of product attached – possibility of purchasing small items in country as Poland or France for better quality)


Stage 4. Fashion Course

Ideally designating roles to specific people in four categories of design, pattern making, sewing and business structure.  Creating a time table in which each person has a possibility to sign up for a class – concept of a mutual time respect. Fashion course based on the book created by Maja Kotala.



  • drawing

  • sewing

  • pattern making

  • pattern grading

  • sample cutting

  • color

  • production sketches (CAD)

  • business of fashion

  • history of fashion

  • consulting and development

  • social media class


Subject description:



  1. Basic understanding of seams (information exchange)

  2. Introduction to different techniques of sewing and creating seams: classic, French, banded + practice

  3. Sewing pocket

  4. Sewing placket

  5. Sewing tricky parts, like corners (trimming)

Pattern making:

  1. Introduction to blocks and sizing

  2. Pattern development TOP

  3. Pattern development BOTTOM

  4. Pattern development JACKET

  5. Pattern development OWN DESIGN

Pattern Grading:

  1. Grading TOP

  2. Grading BOTTOM

  3. Grading JAKCET


Sample cutting

  1. Different techniques on cutting with different fabrics

  2. Cutting out on fabrics with different patterns



  1. Basic knowledge on drawing objects

  2. Introduction of templets

  3. Practice classes



  1. Understanding of Color Palate

  2. Creating mood boards and inspirational boards


Production Sketches

  1. Creating templets for production sketches plus practice


Business of fashion

  1. Creating plan 3-5-10 years

  2. International Fashion – Fashion Week, delivery times and terms


History of Fashion:

  1. Understanding African Fashion

  2. Short Story about Fashion



  1. Analyses of current situation and development of the existing product for benefits of the organization – brain storming.



SUMMARY:  Creating a strong final product ready for production, base on the right construction and development. Preparing for the final possibility of export or local sales. Using natural resources and recycling. Creating cycle which would provide income.


Time table example available for voluntary sign up :

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