A Very Warm Welcome !

My prayers got answered ! Finally, life gave me a partner to work with and have even bigger and better results . Now, together we can create an impact never seen before ;)

Time for you to meet her too !

The girl full of magic : DOMINIKA :)

Dominika Bogucka – a Conscious Activist, PR & Marketing Director of Sewing Together.

Dominika was born in Poland, but very quickly the curiosity of different cultures and lifestyle took over and make her travel the World. In 2014 she moved to UK and by chance started working at charity shops, that step open her door to a deeper meaning of fashion. The word “sustainability” became her choice of life.

Many people, experiences and places created her vision of the World. As a women we take as well a different journey, our inner journey. And this way on her 30th birthday, she changed azimuth of her life path and focused on charity work. Dominika is involved in sustainable fashion and environmental movement.

I met Dominika via magic of social media and the word of mouth. But, if I remember correctly, already in 3rd minute of our meeting we were planning out trip to Kenya and how much magic we can do together.

Now I consider myself lucky, and proudly present our PR and Marketing Director.

We are working now 2 months together and already raised money for 500 reusable pads for women in Kenya, started collaboration with NAGO and KOKO WORLD to fight menstrual poverty. And are working with MOJA BUTELKA and BANGELORE to improve the lifestyle for Sewing Together students.

And just to sum up the seed of love to Kenya was planted in Dominika's heart already during her travel there as a teenager ! And now after a few years, it's growing and soon will blossom during our next edition trip !