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Ethiopia , Year 2011?

To start with, as I arrived I decided first time since long time to stay off line . Didn’t buy SIM card or really connected to wifi, to experience the life without a comfort of calling or internet, therefore this delay with a post.

It was a surprise to me how different Ethiopia is to Uganda, I assumed there will be some similarities , yet I was moved to 2011. Why ? Ethiopia has its internal calendar and time. Surprised ? So was I, booking a driver was a very complicated process, as I never knew in which time are we communicating.

It bring second point, it was very rare to hear somebody speaking English ! Ah, where would I be without international language of gesticulation ! Call , driver , money , good food - they all the same around the world if you use your hands! 

In general , I felt much safer there . Not sure if it’s because my mind set : you are here alone you have to get by , or it’s actually true, but I was not harassed on the streets .

I walked for hours around on my second day, and it felt like the city never ends . Surrounded by mountains with a lot of greenery it had it its charm . Was even kind of clean , beside man using every hole or pole as a toilet, but apparently its "normal" in Africa. 

The city of contrast . 

Small and huge buildings, bazaars and modern shops, a lot of women in white traditional habesha dresses mixed with denim and heels .

I am glad I decided to stop over . Deep inside I wish I had time to discover more of the Northern side of the country , but it's time to leave. Going home makes me really happy, but the same time I am excited to come back and discover more of the Mamma Land !

From Tourist perspective I can recommend :

- Sheromida market for traditional dresses (they are beautiful !! )

- The National Museum - of course to meet Lucy !! - and next door Lucy restaurant ( to hide away in a garden and eat local food

- Churches ( Holy Trinity )

- YOD - for an evening of dance , drinks and more and more food !

Till next time Africa ! You definitely left a mark  on me ( I hope not for life - hahah - I am talking about the burn mark on my neck in a shape of continent )




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