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Sewing Together – Is an educational program which aim is to teach women a skill of fashion and design, pattern making, sewing, but as well marketing, photography and  business, to give them a chance for independence in life and  future without being vulnerable to trafficking or any other type of exploitation.

The educational program is free of charge, last 6 months ( in two terms ) and its directed to women who couldn’t afford education and thus are considered vulnerable to exploitation.

Founded in 2018, by Maja Kotala, run it first edition in Uganda together with Kimuli Fashionblibity where it trained 4 young people/leaders and additional 2 women with disabilities. Currently Kimuli Fashionabilit, as a result of the course  has its new facility in Maya and runs independently with 5 regular employees.

In 2019, Sewing Together in collaboration with Salvation Army trained 20 women in a spirit of women empowerment.

In 2020, Maja Kotala opened a school project in Bamburi Mombasa and started to work with Haart Kenya. 


Beside fashion training, Sewing Together actively fights menstrual poverty in Kenya, by providing free reusable pads for Women in Mombasa County, Voi, Thika and Maasai Tribes. It shares the awareness about the issue in Poland and beyond trough collaborations with established brands.

Awareness Against Human Trafficking - HAART was founded in 2010 with the mission to a sole objective to counter human trafficking in all its forms in Kenya and East Africa. HAART works primarily in vulnerable communities to prevent human trafficking and also provide protection for victims and vulnerable population. As the leading counter trafficking organisation HAART Kenya has helped over 900 victims of human trafficking and assisted 90 thousand people through trainings workshops and economic empowerment.

HAART work is structured according to the UN 4 Ps Paradigm: Prevention, Protection of Victims Prosecution and Partnership

Under Prevention HAART offers support to vulnerable population, mostly women and youth. By training them, giving new skills and capacity HAART reducies vulnerability to trafficking. That is why in 2021 HAART merged with Sewing Together as menstrual poverty is one of the key contributors towards human trafficking.

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