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The most welcoming, open minded and crazy city in the middle east. The love is indescribable, positive energy uncontainable and you can party from Monday to Sunday.
Manta Ray


MANTA RAY - the food is amazing, the view is amazing, everything you can dream of right in the middle of the city. Situated on the beach perfect for sunny lunch.

CASSIS - not too far from the city down south. Amazing little beach with even more adorable restaurant right on the sand. If you feel like a lunch away from the city I highly recommend it.

HA'ACHIM - traditional Israeli - WOW ! Situated in the middle of the modern part of Tel Aviv​

PORT SAID -  the best place to go and taste different favours. Many restaurants in which you can shop around to then sit in the middle and listen to music and laughter.

RAMSES JAFFA - super cute and romantic, in the old part of the city Jaffa. After amazing dinner you can walk around and experience the freedom of that area, have few drinks and dance away.

FUN FACT : In Tel Aviv you can eat all day long. There is no specific time to serve breakfast, so if you feel like eggs at 3PM- there shouldn't be a problem



- Cassis

- Gordon / Calypso

- Hilton 

- Gazzebo



- Walk in Nedek Sedek - super chic, with small boutiques and restaurants. Perfect for an afternoon coffee or apparativo

- JAFFA - old part of the town, the best way is to just get lost in the small streets. Friday - Sunday - Monday there is a small flea market with incredible furniture. Perfect to buy small souvenirs.

- walk to the PORT - walk along the shore all the way to the end ( south side ), you can find there a small port with lovely restaurants. At the end you can find as well old factory space with different trade shows every week . On a way back try to find secret gate to the oldest part of the city where you can climb to the top with amazing view of the city.

FUN FACT : From Friday sunset until Saturday sunset is Shabbat time. many shops and restaurants will be closed in this time. The weekend for Israeli starts on Friday and they start a week on Sunday ( not Monday )

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- Breakfast

- Slippers

- Sputnik

- Teder

- Beit Maariv

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