DO IT AT HOME !  - No equipment needed !

For many of us time and money are the biggest excuses for staying home and not changing the life around for healthier.

I would like to prove you here that none of the above is actually a problem if you only want. 10 min can be nothing, but can be as well a big change in your daily routine.

Just put comfortable clothes on, move that table in a room to a side and try !

I would like to present you 5 different exercises, you can do every day in any order, 5 times a week. With the right diet already after few weeks you can start seeing the results.

As you progress and your motivation will grow, try to extend and mix two sessions a day to have even better results.

Of course ! All mentioned on a side workouts are for healthy people without any serious injuries.

Please join me on the challange and share your results on instagram by tagging #mkotalafit ! 

I am presenting you a workout for great belly, lovely bum bum, those models legs, arms which can lift all and something for mind exercise, as its very important aspect of our balanced life.

For cloudy days, when you feel unmotivated please see those little treasures below, and I promise you you will not stop after few days .