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New skills, a new way of income generation, 
no more
shame .

Victoria Rally

The goal of the rally is to create and equip independent places across Africa, in which we can train women on how to make reusable sanitary pads and therefore fight menstrual poverty. 


Our classes include both hand and machine sewing, basic knowledge about the machine, basics of business, pricing, fabrics and it substitutes. 


Sexual Education 

The key element of the rally to empower girls with a skill but as well with knowledge. Sexual education plays significant role in any women's life - to know your value and how to take care of your body - we have prepared a newspaper - with hope that it will bring some light and wisdom to women's life.


Because the rally is around Lake Victoria,

Because Victoria is a Woman, 

Because Victoria is a Win,

and we all win by helping women in East Africa !

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