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Hi !

I am only small person in this World but I dream big !

Why not to remind yourself what life can be about by creating a list of dreams?

I had a pleasure and I am thankful everyday for the fact that I already had a chance to experience some of my deepest desires.

I am from small city in Poland called Chorzow, but with hard work, determination and help of some wonderful friends I crossed off some of my 50 points bucket list.

I hope soon to add another 50 - but lets start with below :

1. Swim with Dolphins

2. Sky Dive in best place possible 

3. Visit 4 Continents in one month

2015   Sydney -  Paris - NYC - Shanghai 

4. Visit NYC and LA

5. Dance on Red Square in Moscow

6. Sail The Ocean

7. See the Northen Lights and Pet a Husky

8. Burning Man

9. Walk China Wall

10. Bungee Jump

11. Witness three religions in one place - Jerusalem

12. Stand on the equator

13. Drive 200km/h in Germany

14. Drink Champagne on Eiffel Tower

15. Say Hello Big Buddha in Hong Kong

16. Jump with kangaroos in Australia

17. Smoke cigar in Cuba

18. Dance flamenco in Spain

19. Feed Lions in Kenya

20. Eat Prague's Fried Cheese

21. Carnival in Rio

22. Sunrise on Burj Khalifa Dubai


23. Find the nose of Sphinx

24." Swim " with Amazonia's crocodiles

25. High Five JC in Brasil

26. " Fight " in Colloseum

27. Wine tasting in Bordoux

28. Surf in Hawai

29. Visit Petra

30. Road trip in Morocco

31. Gondola in Venice

32. Taj Mahal

33. Hug monkeys in Uganda

34. Count Penguins in Arctica

35. Wash elephant in Sri Lanka

36. Get the Bali Belly

37. Airballoon over Cappadocia

38. See the sun rise over Began

39. Discover Machu Picchu

40. Test the echo at Grand Canyon 

41. Eat too many Lebanese cookies

42. Get tattoo in Japan and get Bamboo Tattoo

43. Experience a Sand Storm

44. Find Galápagos tortoise

45. Make a movie in Portofino

46. Find a diamond in South Africa

47. Challange the Kolos in Rhodes

48. Find True Mayans 

49. Jump The Niagara Waterfall

50. Drink Sake in Japan


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