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Podzielmy się z Afryką x Sewing Together






All proceeds from today sales will go towards our fight with menstrual poverty.

Each sold cup of coffee is a sanitary pad for one women in East Africa.

Each sold package is a set of sanitary pads ( 2 day + 1 for the night ) and a soap for one women in East Africa.

Kenya Kiambu AA coffee beans are grown in Kiambu, near Nairobi. The coffee is harvested by hand and then washed and processed in a traditional way. It is 100% dried in the sun on specially designed beds




About the foundation
As a foundation, we try to act in multiple stages and direct our help to places where it is needed most. The structure of our activities is based on coordinators in individual villages who are best versed in the current situation of the village inhabitants, thanks to which we are able to respond very quickly and dynamically.

The first pillar is ongoing aid and the priority of our activities is food aid to reduce hunger. The first pillar also includes targeted medical assistance, purchase of medicines and clothing, improvement of the quality of life, e.g. minor repairs of huts, purchase of basic sanitary products and assistance in providing education for children.

The second pillar is supporting local micro-economic activities and assistance in setting up small "businesses", mainly focusing on tourism, fishing, etc. At the same time, we try to observe how aid funds are invested and how a given initiative develops and what effects it brings. Kenyans very often already have their own ideas, they just need a bit of support, help and motivation.

As a foundation, we have a policy of delegating a maximum number of tasks to local people, which also gives them additional work and allows them to believe in their own abilities. We run a project in which we bring together and promote local guides and tour operators.

We also encourage you to use their services during your stay in Kenya. Our most important project is the "kawa project"!!! We import premium coffee from Kenya, including local residents in the process (packing, shipping, orders). We devote all income from coffee sales to helping the poorest.

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