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Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Happy Monday everyone !

Let's continue with 5 things theme . . This time ? I will share 5 goals I have for Sewing Together 2020.

1. MOMBASA – I got an amazing opportunity to meet representative of Darius Marbella organisation , who I got introduced to by a friend I met on Instagram ( power of social media ). Together we created a vision of opening up a workshop which can give hope to many young people. Mombasa is facing now 44% of unemployment. And as much as I am aware that Sewing Together will not change that number dramatically , but maybe will inspire others to work in this area. The idea is to equip a space with sewing machines and all necessary items, educate a group of individuals and then give them opportunity to work. Of course that includes as well the graduates from NGTC, Nairobi.

2. PRODUCTION PLACE – by observing what’s needed in the world, and

learning from mistakes which happened in Asia, I would like to transform the workshop into production place, which respects all the work standards, ethics and local culture. Here is a msg to all my fellow designers, let’s give a chance to people who truly deserve it and give them work. We can do Your collection with highest standards , I promise !

3. COLLECTION – yes , yes , yes ! I missed it with my whole heart : being designer again . To show that our production place can make it all ? Why not to actually design a collection which will represent us. Fingers crossed ! The idea is to make easy everyday wear, with a use of local fabric ( and I am not talking about African prints , which unfortunately are made in Amsterdam or China ). I don’t want to share too many information – let’s keep it a surprise .

4. GIVING BACK – if the production place functions , why not give back or invest even further. The goal is to make uniforms for students who cannot afford them and opening up sewing spots in more rural areas.

5. COLLABORATIONS – and this something I would like you to keep your fingers crossed. Recently I met an amazing women Tanya whose spirit and hard work is showing results all over Africa. Please visit her website :

The dream is to work together on Padding Africa and help many women to break the taboo of menstruation and allow them to finish schools, by providing them with reusable sanitary pads.

And that’s it for today !

Please, if you feel like supporting the mission donate today on :

Every help is great help !




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