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1. People often ask me what language do people in Kenya speak. It’s a really good English ! Swahili and the tribal dialects.

2. There is only 1 or 2 hours difference between Europe and Kenya. It’s actually pretty funny feeling to fly for over 8 hours and still be almost in the same time zone.

3. East Africa gets cold. So if you think it’s only hot ? You are mistaken. Often at night you wear a leather jacket ! There is only two seasons as well : rainy and dry. But the global warming mix and match them, what makes the weather pretty unpredictable.

4. The traffic is pretty crazy. So the best way to travel is on a motor bike. You can order it through applications like UBER . Yes Uber exists in Kenya. The motorbike driver usually arrives with a helmet and reflecting vest for you security. The drive a bit fast and chaotic, but at least you sure you don’t get stuck in traffic for hours. If it rains ? They attach un umbrella so you don’t get wet, however you need watch out on your trousers ;)

5. Since is the country is on equator the day and night are both 12 hours. Something I am pretty jealous of especially in our winter time here in Europe.

I hope you enjoy the information.

If you have any question , please feel free to contact me!



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Have enjoyed that the goodness in Kenya. Thank you so much Maja Love you so much have a blessed day over there miss too.

Me gusta
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