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Updated: Sep 2, 2018

I was not expecting this feeling at all. I just landed in Germany and maybe its the lack of sleep, still painful burn on my neck or simply it is the culture difference. I went to the shop and almost started to cry . Why ? Because a little bag of camomile tea was just in front of me. And i was looking for it for hours in Uganda, hoping that it will help with my nasty bite.

We are so used to things around us, that in a second we don’t have them? we go to the panic mode, not knowing really what to do next. I know I wasn’t in Africa extremely long, but for a creative person, each experience is a little bit deeper, due to the fact of how emotional ( at least on the inside ) we are.

Now I sit here and see everything differently. Every item, every waste could be a chance of change for somebody else.

The use of plastic bottle at SINA was just indescribable. 

From building rubbish bins to houses.

From storage space to playing bowling.

I think we should all look into what we have at our homes, and start to think. I was cut form information for a long time, but it came to my attention that there is a big campaign now to stop using straws and plastic. Stop is one thing, but what can we do with the one we already have ?

Below is some inspiration:



SINA Bottle Houses

SINA - Bottle Bins VIST HERE to support


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