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There are so many campaigns around the world, which talk about menstruation and menstrual poverty . However I often feel so strange after watching them . I am a women, but do I need to see the blood all the time and in this form ? It’s enough I need to struggle with it every month , most of the time in worst moments , like a date or weekend away by the pool.

I have decided as Sewing Together to change the approach and break the taboo around the menstruation with class and elegance. The fact that we are making reusable pads with off cuts from our collections it allows it to be colourful and playful. Well folded pad, hidden in a matching bag makes it more a gadget, than a subject of shame.

Our pink approach instead of the red approach is kinder for the eye for man and women.

We hope that soon we can equip every women with one of our pads and make the World a better place.



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