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First Stop Uganda . .

As many of you know, last year I had this opportunity to join amazing group of people from Kimuli Fashionability. They are not only turning waist into fashion, but as well hiring people with disabilities and giving them a chance for a better tomorrow.

I have decided this year to visit them to see if any progress was made.

I have to admit, I was shocked.

It was not only the development on the outside: new product, improved skills, but as well the entire mind set.

I was welcomed with love and smiles, but as soon as settled we came out, or rather they came out with a program what we need to achieve during this few days.

From product shoots of the new collection to proper photoshoot and video which can be used for crowdfunding purpose.

We started at 7 AM in the morning and finished 11PM, but it was worth it. The entire experience gave me a big motivation and power to work more. Sewing Together worked!!

We improved the production, the number of hired people raised from 2 to 5 (!), sewing skills are now on professional level . . but the proudest of I am that the issue of “African time” disappeared. I was struggling last year with time management. Now we were missing the time to be able to do everything what was need. The new goal for the team is to build a first ever center in Africa for people with disabilities, to train them on how to make fashion and up-

cycle the waist into materials.

Unfortunately, not everything was as happy as the news above. I discovered that Navagala’s home collapsed and she had nowhere to leave. Money which was dedicated to education of her little daughter Alice had to be changed into rent. It broke my heart! Why you have to pay for education in some African countries? Every child should have access to books on basic level at least. Those children are our future! I cried. . I cried and couldn’t stop. I contacted my parents if maybe both of us together can find a way to help little Alice (who now can speak a little bit more English and is eager to learn). I have managed to find the funds for first semester, but what about the rest?

If you read this, please help and contact me on: ,

We can find the way to raise the money!




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