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Happy 2020 !

I need to admit end of the year 2019 was very difficult .

I felt overwhelmed with responsibilities, burned out , my creativity simply stopped working. I couldn’t even pick the right socks. And, as much, as it sounds funny to most of you, to a person who 98% of success depends on the brain ? Is a really bad sign . You see , there is no math or rules into what I do. To survive you need to create , or find solutions. The second you allow a touch of negativity into your life the entire system shuts down. But that was 2019 !

Hello 2020 !

I have to admit – I have such high hopes to this year. Big changes ahead including a huge one : I want to partially live in Africa !

Sewing Together will have 3 editions this year, and each will spread over a period of two months ( inshallah* ). I will not share all the information yet, I am waiting for few things to finalise and few contracts to be signed. But please, if you do read it ? Bare with my for a little while longer . .

If you know me ? You know that I have been living already 5 years in Sydney, Australia and 6 years in Paris, France . How amazing are those places ! Yet I found myself the happiest in Uganda or Kenya. I got opportunity to create new me. When you travel to Africa for any other reason than tourism, all you need to do is to leave your old self behind . The best you can do is to forget all you know and give yourself a chance to learn all from 0. Starting with how to eat, how to speak, how to think even !

What I have noticed, in Eastern Africa there is no space for negativity. You take each situation as it is, without analysing it. You are programmed to find the best possible solution and outcome and that’s it . If deep inside you have done your 100% you should be proud of yourself, what doesn’t really leave much space for sadness.

So here I am, doing my best to move .

And Yes – I will need your help !

And Yes – it means you can come with me !

Now You got my mail :,

it's only in your power what you will do with it !

Till next time !



*Dear reader, you have probably noticed Arabic word in between my sentences. It means : if God allows you. And as much as I don’t fully identify myself with one religion. This powerful statement needed to be add there , because all good in life comes from a higher power. And to that power I dedicate my 2020.

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Thanks Maja for everything its not you but the interest in you pushes you in doing the most good.

Be blessed thanks for your good visions for Africa.

Me gusta
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