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Happy Bday Safari

I have to admit, I fell in love in Africa. With it's beauty, dance and wildlife. It is a very difficult continent ( because it's so different ! ) but at the same time this is what is the most fascinating about it.


Two of my dreams came true over here. Lets start with Safari !

Seeing the giraffes simply passing by you is something what I can’t describe in words. I had to snap out of it so many times to not forget that its not only a zoo !

It was expensive experience but definite worth it. 

Every second of it was magical and it end up with celebration on the top of the waterfall as I was turning 28 the very next day.

The African approach to celebration is something worth to mention as well. They really make you feel special. I end up having 4 different cakes, which one end up on my face ( that's a tradition as well ), we danced whole night by the bon fire and I laughed like never before.




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