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Hello, Goodbye . .

The past three and half weeks went so quickly. . There was so many ups and downs, but I would not change it for anything else.

We created some sort of family at SINA, unity which is really hard to find in western culture. And yes maybe the 'constant sharing' was difficult for me, but I think I learn something from it as well ! We are all humans walking this earth, having more doesn't necessary is having better ! Why don't we smile as much as African people in our lives. Why is it so hard for us to share what we have ?

The process of collecting founds for the sewing machines was probably the hardest from it all. Asking for 5 euro people who spend ten times more before even they leave home. I am not here to judge, we all have different needs, but I am just trying to think of one reason why 5 Euro is so hard to give ?

Maybe now when I tell you what this 5 Euro can do, it will open some Your eyes, and we build some sort of trust the same one I build with the people at SINA.

5 EURO - could be food for one week for one person.

5 EURO - could be one week transportation for a disabled person to be able to come from Mpigi to SINA and learn a skill

5 EURO - could be an internet data and tax to use social media, so the scholars have access to information

5 EURO - could be a child who has materials to go to school for one semester

5 EURO - could change somebodies life.

So maybe its time to sit down and rethink life. The little coin which is "too heavy" to carry and you leave behind can make a difference.

Together we can make a difference !


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