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I guess I am lucky . . School Day 1

Oh yes ! My first day as a teacher was beyond expectations.

I have 20 students at the end , and I can’t hide , it makes the job touch easier ( from original 30 ). I planned to do small introduction about myself, and then give small task to the students.

I gave each one of them an empty note book. Not even with lines, and said that this is the point we have just met, by the end of the course this will be full of knowledge and positive energy for the future.

The first task was to write their dream on the first page, as an every day reminder, when we start a class why we do, what we do . After? to write three reasons why we like fashion , so even in times of crisis you can look and get the motivation to continue the work. At the end I asked to signed it with a date, like a contract with themselves : now you are obligated to do it.

Second half of a day was dedicated to bags making, a simple, yet important task which I thought would take the rest of the day. The girls completed it so fast that I needed to improvise and bring forward some of the other classes . I have decided we should personalise those bags and paint them . Our first collection ! Who cares it was basic bags, I couldn’t be happier to see how fast was the progress and understanding.

Now seating after a long day, I feel completed. We have a chance to do great things here , just need a little but more help of the right people , a little bit more patience and a little more organization !

Short but to the point.

Kiss Kiss


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