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Karibu . .

Coming back to Kenya was my dream the second I landed back to Europe from my August trip . There are no words which could describe the connection I have to this land, yet I wasn't sure if the positive energy comes from the program or the country itself. I knew , I needed to come back to see with my own eyes - walk around alone and to feel what I hoped to feel .

The first day wasn't easy . I stayed in a new place. Didn't know how to get around. Had problems with ordering the taxi - simple question : where do I pick you up from? all the sudden created a fear . What am I doing ? Yes, I was tired after my travels , so I was weak. There is no space for weakness here. Your mind starts to twist things around. Children screaming Muzungu ( white person )and dancing around me . For me it was a warrior dance . And instead of smiling back and let them have their little fun ? I panicked . I think the old man next to me noticed the fear in my eyes and offered a space in a shade of his shop : don't bother my guest - he said. Uff, I could take a breath and start to think again . " ok Maja , walk to the main road, it will be easier to find you " so i did. From there to the city . The sun was amazing. I quickly remembered a little tarasse in the CBD . 2 hours of sunshine - but still I wasn't sure if coming here alone was the right move. I started to walk around - so many people , so much traffic - so much everything ! It was time to give up - Time To Sleep !

Tomorrow will be better . Goodnight .

And it was !

I woke up with the strength I was missing the first day.

Ok, if I want to do it properly I need to do it my way. I dressed up like I was back in Paris. Red lips , Yves Saint Laurent Skirt ( which my french sister gave me for bday - thank you ! ) sunglasses - I was ready ! If i want to exist in this word, I can't pretend.

I ordered Uber ( no more problems this time ) and went to see my girls at Nairobi Girls Training Center .

Oh the smiles and screams when they noticed me ! It was a suprice - I think as much for them as it was for me. Pure love ! We spend the afternoon together talking about dreams and hopes and things we can do together .

The good energy came back and continued trough the afternoon regardless of 3 cancelled boda bodas ( form of transportation : motorcycle taxi ) , sudden lack of credit on the phone , driving against the traffic - it wasn't a problem. I was back . I won't hide : watching the sunset in a great company was just a bonus above it all !

So, hello Kenya - I am back ! :)




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