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Sewing Together - KENYA FOOD BANK

I would like to express my gratitude to all the amazing people who believed in me and believed in the cause . .

We are now donated the money to KENYA FOOD BANK -

Kenya FoodBank was created by Octopizzo Foundation in response to C19 economic collapse. It's an automated solution for management of help seekers and tracking of your donations. They use data to make decisions on who needs help the most, and they make sure their combined efforts are applied proportionally to all people in need.

They have partnered with multiple Kenyan food suppliers, locals and foreigner volunteers, honest and brave people who are ready to help us, and they're distributing basic food and hygiene packages, supporting communities and taking all required safety measures.

I believe we can do more !

So let's sell out the rest of Sewing Together masks and help the most in need !



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Reid Paul
Reid Paul
Sep 05, 2021

Good readd

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