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Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Here we go again , the stress and excitement level is reaching it limits. One more month and I will be stepping on the red ground . .

But before sharing all this, I would like to take a minute and say thank you to all the people I met since last year. There was a lot of ups and downs, disappointments in friends and strangers, however I so believe in the mission and cause that it allowed to attract few amazing human beings . Thank you for making this next trip possible. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for lifting me up when i was down.

The process of preparation is long exhausting. From finding the founds to securing the location. It was all on my shoulders.

It all began around February when I started to send more than 20 emails daily to different organisations . So now the question you will ask: why Kenya ? Well, simple : Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya are working under one travel visa. My plan is to connect studios around the African countries into one big pumping heart of success. Yes, it is naïve, but with a little bit more help I believe it’s possible.

So here I was sending emails, and then I got that one perfect respond. From reading first sentences I knew that we talk the same language. Nairobi Girls Training Centre – with Major Josephine as representative.

Everything went very fast, the formality, exchange of needs, presentation of my program ? And it was done. You see NGTC works with support of Salvation Army. It was them, who needed to accepted me and my vision of help.

I couldn’t be more happy, such a big institution is supporting my program !

But then the pressure hit. "I need to do good, I need to do very good. "

So, I started to look for sponsors, oh boy, that’s the worst – asking people for money. So together with Kamil Sobczyk, designer of the brand GABERON, we made a special T-shirt which was sold to earn money for materials needed for the course .

Crowdfunding – oh my family and friends ! What I would do without you ! Thank you !

And here I am today, writing the post four weeks before the trip, tickets are booked, the mind set up, no escape !

So, welcome to my journey I hope you will share the love with me !


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