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I remember when I was coming to Kenya In June ,I had such a strong plan for social media.

Every Sunday a little blog post, every two weeks YouTube, Instagram 5 times a week, the same for Facebook, but OMG is it all possible when you as well teach for 6 hours a day, trying to create campaigns for 5 different collaborations, run to town for fabrics, make 3 collections at the same time and somewhere in between in a free moment sew reusable pads ? No. Definitely not. . SO, I gave up and just went with the flow, which I am hoping to catch up on now.

I wish there was somebody who could just come and lift some of the weight, like a fashion teacher – twice a week, so I can do all the rest (of course I am territorial, l so I do small steps with allowing people to touch my baby). Anyway, that’s the goal for next year!

But today I wanted to finally take a moment and explain the inspiration behind the LA DOLCE VITA MOMBASA collection.


Mombasa is a town full of different cultures. Takes only two seconds to walk from a corner with Kenyan food and fruits, to a world of Arabic fabrics with Qur’an playing in the background.

Another amazing contrast is between the colourful Kitenges ( African printed material ) and black Abaya’s material in the other corner.

And here between the spices and perfumes I got inspired to show it all.

Our fabrics are from all around the World. Really from all around because you have the Indian silks, Arabic’s golds, Kenyan kitenge (produced unfortunately in Europe) and upcycled bedsheets originally shipped from USA (BTW, I even found a Calvin Klein one, but this didn’t make to the collection but for my bed to sleep under ;))

My dream was to match all those fabrics and show them in a commercial modern way.



We cannot do winter. In Mombasa, we don’t have fabrics for European winter. What for!? Its 35 degrees now, you would boil. The lowest we get is maybe 27. SO, I came up with an idea to do a holiday collection. Garments you can wear over Xmas and New Year! Why not? Soon as well there will be more drops of Xmas Gift ideas. Beautiful jewellery and pyjamas so stay tuned!

Most of our sizes are free sizes! That helps!

But if there is something you like we can. . well now me, once I reach Poland I can custom fit to you. That’s what Sewing Together is, we are a family, and family take care of each other, so feel free to send a msg if you like something! And even though it’s extra work for us, I don’t want to lose that aspect going down the road.


Our photos were taken all over Mombasa in most iconic places. We have here:

- Mama Ngina Baobabs

- Spice and Meat Market

- Kongowea Market ( where we buy our second hand pieces )

- My favourite restaurant rooftop : S Five 8

- Nyali Beach

- Old Mombasa Train Station

- Old Town

And all thanks to Mr. George from Classic Safaris, who donated the transportation to us for a whole day ! I am sure his drivers had better things to do , as amazing Safaris all over Kenya, so we are super grateful for him believing in us and our mission. It really proves that we can all help the way we can ! Asante Sana George !

FYI. This collection is just a beginning and we gonna grow stronger and bigger and definitely crazier in design.

This time I just wanted to prove that we can do it too.

We can do what other brands do.

And have a beautiful mission behind : empowering women on the road to their independence.

Which is the most important ! And don’t forget , all proceeds are donated keep our school going next year !