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Once Upon The Time . .

Once Upon The Time . . there was a girl with a dream .

She left everything what's familiar behind and migrated to the other side of the World . She discovered her passion for fashion . The magic of creation . Making something out of nothing.

Yet, that journey came to the end and only after 5 years she moved again . . to the capital of runways and haute couture . The city wasn't as kind to her as she imagined . It was time to look for something else .

The cycle of 5 years repeated itself and the wind in her sail made her go to a continent of a red soil . .

And here I am .

Day dreaming about making Sewing Together successful .

Making Sewing Together meaningful .

It's so hard at times, as many people come and go offering empty help . Please stop . You are not only effecting me, but as well all the amazing young boys and girls who are becoming part of a program . You are giving a fake hope for some little success which only takes away my time from focusing on the right path . I know success doesn't come easy, but there is no point for you slowing down the proces.

I don't mean this post to be sad or nostalgic, but some things cannot be said directly.

And now, to change the tune . .

I recently came to conclusion what's my new dream is !

To open up a summer Academy ,where youth can come and develop their creative skills. Express themselves not only trough fashion but as well art, music and acting . I still don't know where, still don't how, but I would love to call up all the creatives out there. Join me ! Let's share the knowledge we have with those who don't have as easy access to it as we do. All i ask is a week of your time . Ibiza will not runaway, St Tropez will not close down . . but we can do something good here ! And I promise you , the smile on the face of the other human being is something money will never buy.

Both, Uganda and Kenya was life changing for me. My eyes are wide open ready to make the World a better place. .




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