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Paris , Paris . . Ah Paris . .

Since this blog is about experiences, why not to share a little bit of my “normal” life.

As many people know, I live in Paris - Bastille area to be exact. A lively neighborhood which wake up hour is 7:30 am and sleeping in many cases is as well 7:30 am .

For many, the capital of France is the most magical city in the world. And I have to agree . . the beautiful buildings, always open restaurants and never ending supply of great wine is something I can truly relate to. But there is the other side, which not many people speak about : the darker side which me as a foreigner? I have to deal with on a daily basis.

You have to know one thing, there are French people, and there are Parisians. What’s the difference , You would ask ? People who are born are raise in Paris are so so different. They speak different, they dress different – they have the gene which kind of makes them feel like they are above the others. They approach to every situation is : it’s not possible . Which I feel it gives them a sort of power. “Table for two please.” “ No I am sorry it’s not possible “ “But there is a table right there !” “ oh yes, please come in “ I have never understood those situations but they happen almost every day. Not possible. Not possible. Not possible to smile , to be kind, and of course to speak English. It’s 2020, and only recently a soy latte started to exist and gluten free become an option. It’s 2020 and only recently people open themselves to say hello to you when you enter the store ( even though it’s the same store you go everyday) Did you know that you still pay here witch checks and you can get tickets for food and home suppliers ? Yes. Paris is so specific. Almost like it exists in another dimension .The rules exists here only to be broken. Crossing the street on a red light is much more common, than waiting for the green. Even when police car is just around the corner.

But to not sound too negative let’s write few things I love about this city.

1. The smell ! Oh ! Paris is like a giant perfume box . Walking the streets brings a pure joy to all your senses .

2. Paris is chic. Hardly ever you see people following crazy trends. Plastic surgeries, are almost forbidden , as the look of the people suppose to be natural. Women don’t wear make up, its just a lipstick and a little bit of mascara, usually in vintage DIOR or YSL.

3. The nights are magical to walk around. No matter if its cold, raining, or some demonstration just finished around the corner . . The magic of the warm light , pointed to all amazing monuments, buildings makes you forget about all the problems you had during the day.

4. Art . By living here, you are stimulated on every corner with something artistic. Which is a great inspiration to all my creations.

5. Because it’s Paris. I think there is no other place which has the same power behind just the name . Maybe NY or LA . But just a sentence “ I live in Paris “ gives you a certain feeling of magic .And I guess that explains the reason why Parisians are almost like different species.

Recently I was going trough so many “Paris troubles” and I am on a verge of deciding if maybe its time to move out from here. That’s the second reason of this post, short analysis on a piece of paper always opens your eyes . Black letters look back at you with the answer. No I am not ready to leave. I am giving myself another 6 months, with two more trips to Africa in between to finally decide where I belong.

I would like to finish this post with a question : What is home for you ?

I am looking forward to your answer , or by email or direct msg !

Have a lovely day !




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