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A story started not long time ago , when I have received a msg from Kris saying : I have a proposition for you ! Let’s call each other ! I have to admit , I am not the most open person to those proposition. I have received so many of them in the past and was left heart broken .

But ! Let’s give it a try. If you don’t try – you will never know.

So we have scheduled a call .

It didn’t took long for me to start smiling from ear to ear.

Kris / Krzysztof – owner of a tourist company called Polak w Tropikach , offered to put us on a map ! Sewing Together on a map for tourist to come and visit and maybe shop ;) Isn’t it amazing ? I was very very touched by the kindness and cried a bit like always.

Of course after 5 min my eyes opened so big – and if you know me – my eyes are already pretty big ! What we gonna do – we don’t have collection to show yet !

Last two weeks was a never ending marathon of sewing !

But we managed !

In the same time we joined forces with House Of Kikoy, Shabalngu Jewlery and BMT Lifestyle – to create a one stop destination for turists and locals !

Today was a first visit ! And we are so so happy !

Asante Sana Kris !

Asante Sana Amazing People !



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Maja, it is a pleasure for ”Polak w tropikach” that we can promote your project and idea. You are doing a great job for Kenyan women and this kind of activities should to supported. We are really happy! :)

Kris from

Maja, to przyjemność dla „Polak w tropikach”, że możemy promować Twój projekt i pomysł. Wykonujesz świetną robotę dla kenijskich kobiet i tego rodzaju działania powinny być wspierane. Jesteśmy naprawdę szczęśliwi! :)

Kris z

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