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Updated: Jul 28, 2018

Oh Gosh, it's seriously never ending !

Between all the vaccines ( which cost a fortune .. ), writing the fashion guide and of course my normal work, I have no time for breathing. But I don't want to complain. All I want, is to share the progress of my work, and to present you where all the amazing donations went to !

1. Researching all the stationary products needed for atelier.

I am lucky to have already established connections with a wholesaler in Poland, what made the job much easier. I decided to purchase all the basics ( there is never enough of it at any stage of fashion production: pins, scissors, tape measure etc.) and few item which could be useful for the course ( rulers, pencils, colour pens ).

The small fashion course will take a place in SINA , Social Innovation Academy, small place in Mpigi where everybody can find a peace of mind and a chance to learn some skill.

It's being prepared together with Kimuli Fashionability - is a Hybrid organisation (income generating and impact making), which increases the employability of the deaf and the physically handicapped people through training them free hands-on skills of creative tailoring to turn plastic wastes into up-cycled fashion and acquire self-sustenance while saving the environment.

To see the previous work with the team, click here ( Video By Veroetnika ).

If you feel like supporting the mission, you are more then welcome to purchase one of the T-shirts on:


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