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Updated: Jan 12, 2021

I need to admit, I had no idea how difficult could be for some girls and women in rural areas of Kenya.

Lack of sanitary product and menstrual shame is an issue they need to face every month.

Many people , especially in Poland still remember the time without brands like Always and easily suggests : why not to use some material for protection, cut some t-shirt, that’s cotton.

But what if some girls in Kenya , don’t have clothes ? and they can only afford a uniform which is mandatory to attend school. Yes, that is a possibility.

Most of the time women and girls in rural areas have very little money and access to a simple thing like a pad is impossible, or too expensive. One package of pads is equivalent to 2 or even 3 days worth of food. The choice is simple : they need to eat. Because of the issue many girls would stay home for the duration of their period. Missing on classes leads to gaps in eduction, what often finishes with leaving the school.

Sewing Together and Padding Africa started a movement with one goal : to help women all around the World.

It doesn’t matter where you from , what colour is your skin - time to stand together.

In POLAND – together with To Nie Jest Brzydke, a polish NGO – we have made and distributed pads, sewn by Magda Dobrowolska . I am also so happy to mention Faustyna Foundation , which donated to the cause a bamboo fabric ( the most important part of the pad, as it’s the most absorbent fabric ) Kegel i Błażusiak and Darymex which donated off cuts of the materials. Thank you !

In ITALY - Padding Africa made 100 pads availble HERE to buy .We are selling pads with an idea: buy one - give one , to be able to support our sewing groups in Africa.

In KENYA – Mombasa Training Center we have made and distributed more then 100 pads in rural area around VOI for girls , so they can attend school without worries.

What can you do ? Buy a pad !

Its so simple . .

Why switch to reusable pads ?

Not only you are helping another women, but as well the environment – as normal pad decompose for nearly 800 years.

And let’s be honest , its time to stop wearing plastic!




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