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The Secrets Of Kenya . .

The event, which cannot be forgotten . .

Inspiration , empowerment , making impossible - possible .

Those are only a few reasons why I decided to put all my energy towards this show. I wanted to prove 20 young ladies that with right approach and creative solutions you can achieve everything in life. From beautiful models to talented musicians, we all gathered to support each other and make something spectacular. Our special guest was young designer, David from Looks Like Avido who is a the best example, that no matter where you came from, or who you are you can make it in life, if you truly put your mind into it. He comes from Kibera, one of the biggest slums there is and there was no struggle in life which stopped him from getting to the place he is now.

30 Orchestra Members +

20 Students +

12 Models +

6 Band Members +

4 Photographers/ Videographers +

2 Designers +

1 Dancer


Here, just small preview in photos of everything what happened. Enjoy !




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