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Sewing Machines ! Yes !

The process of purchasing the machines . . oh boy !

Nairobi textile district is probably the busiest thing, I have ever seen. The amount of cars and pollution which came with it, is drastic. The hassle to get save from one place to another, constantly aware that the thieves are around you, plus that you are a show to them, so every second person is trying to touch you . Keeping it cool is a challenge even for a master of ZEN .

But enough complaining, we got the machines ! One overlocking and three new Singers. The issue of electricity and experience from previous Sewing Together edition made me decide to go for an old-school one . But what a joy to see the see smiles of the students who don’t need to share as much as before. We can continue the work, with a speed up process .

Here are some highlights of the day !




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