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The initiative # oddajpiórnik started thanks to Agnieszka, who runs the blog Tulismanore, and her husband. While preparing their 5 kids for school, they noticed how many products were left behind, that the children no longer want to use, because they prefer new ones, but are still in good condition. Therefore they asked me whether we should check if more people have the same "problem". This way we can recycle them and give them a second life in Kenya.

And then miracle happened.

At first I thought that maybe it would be possible to collect a few pencil cases for my students - we always share everything (all products and machines for production are bought from my own money and couple amazing supporters of Sewing Together), and this way everyone would have their own set of school supplies.

It turned out that Polish mums have the most generous hearts of them all.

We managed to accomplish something I could never dreamt off.

Not only we have now all what’s needed for Sewing Together students but we can support more NGO’s in Kenya to help other children go back to school with smile on their faces and colourful case in their hands.

Thank you to all beautiful people ! Pure, pure magic !



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