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Social Media Miracles!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

They always tell you to put a catchy title. . i dont know about this one , but defnitely i can tell you an amazing story which just happened. .

Once upon a time, trough social media channels I met a woman Ms. Marta. From a start i had a feeling she will be an amazing person with beautiful heart, but i had no idea that it will be to the point that shortly after I will be calling her my friend, a business partner and a person i will bounce ideas of.

It all started with purchased Sewing Together product, a Tshirt to be exact, a month after? I believe a necklace . . Marta contacted me to ask for a pair of earrings in a shape of African continent to go with the pendant, which unfortunately I didn't have. Those litte conversations grew and grew and we started to make plans together, as Marta is an owner of a little online store called : Cherry Store.

I supposed to go to Kenya and create a small collection which would be represented by Cherry Store. That didnt happen for obvious reasons, but the situation didnt stop us from creating. With possitive attitude, full of energy we have made 3 tshirts which are available for you to buy trough both channels : ST and CS. (HERE)

This symbolic purchase helps us equip new Mombasa Training Center, which I am faighting for with my whole heart .

Thank You Marta for believing in me and my mission.

It's an amazing feeling to finally not be alone.





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