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Thank You !

After an amazing year of working together , I would like to take this opportunity and express my gratitude to Tanya Puncuh from Padding Africa. A woman who fights menstrual poverty on daily basis across South Africa and Europe.

Tanya was the first person to teach me about menstrual shame and different methods of helping women on the African continent. Together we had many long evenings , brain storming on what we can do more .

Tanya is now starting a new business called She’s Eve with reusable pads made out of highest quality fabric, with a luxury touch . She’s Eve is about to change everybody’s vision on period wear and take it from a subject people don’t want to talk about ? to a fashionable accessory.

And me ? I have decided to focus mostly on my charity work in Kenya and learn more about the problems in East Africa, by moving there for a while to make pads and collections at our Sewing Together Atelier.

It’s important though to appreciate Your teachers, therefore one more time BIG THANK YOU Tanya !




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