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The Struggle . . 6 or 9

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

In general I am not negative person, but sometimes is really good to simply put it out there so its no longer making circles in your head.

It makes me really sad, in any conditions to see such a waist of the potential. I came here to teach, but it seams like nobody respecting the fact that this education is needed for them in order to grow.

I understand that you can learn slower, but not showing up or manipulating around that shouldn't be your priority.

I knew it will be hard, but wasn't expecting that hard. When I got my opportunity to study in Australia I was in heaven. I worked day night to pay my bills, and every second the teacher gave me I took. I had no fashion background so I had to quickly catch up on in able to achieve success later on.

I completely understand that life is different here and there, but !

Why if you have a chance to grow and make yourself better person in what you doing - you wouldn't to it ?


And this is Africa for you, ever time you struggle something comes up to changes your entire point of view .

I was writing and one of the SINA members passed by. We went outside and opened myself up with the above.

He only did one thing: created a distance between us and draw number 6. Then asked me, what do you see . And I said „6” . Then he replied : but i see „9”, does it make my point of view wrong ? And I starts to think about it all . Maybe just being here is enough. Showing my support in what they doing, just getting those machines. . and simply being . 


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