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We Bought The Sewing Machines !

There is no more fulfilling moment then when your dream come true. It happened to me yesterday. I came here with hope to give something special, maybe a bit uncommon yet so useful and necessary. With such an irreplaceable help of my family and friends I got the sewing machines !

It was a difficult first day.

Woke up at 8AM in a morning, and shortly after breakfast we went to Kampala. I can tell you one thing. The capital is one crazy city ! Too many people everywhere, yet the most scary ones were the BodaBodas  taxis( a motorcycles with extended back , so you can fit three people in total ) . They really didn’t care. You could be simply standing on a side of the road, and if they wanted to run over you ? they would. The process of buying sewing machines were super long. People in Uganda take their time . . like really. probably after 1,5 hours we were able to test the machines. It brought such a joy to my heart to witness it all. We made a deal.

Lunch - well - i took it safe and went for french fries. Usually I hate doing it, but knowing that I will be here for almost a month it gives me planty of time to try all the local food ( I already did some ! - but about that later on )

After that, fabric shopping , fastenings, fusing - ALL - for the order placed for rain coats. I cried at the end. It was so overwhelming that at the end I couldn’t take it anymore so i cried. Then, title girl came and hug. You can see her at the movie. It changed my approach completely.

We came home probably at 22h00, unload the car and went for a rest. But its not the end of the surprise. The power was off.  I think I have never seen such a darkness. I am a city person after all.

That was it for me. I needed to do something to take my mind away from it. To my luck it was Saturday night. And yes, oh yes - I always find a way to „reset”. At the end I am here more then 24 hours, made some friends, lets see whats out there. 

I quickly regretted it.

There is no way you can compete with the dance in Africa. My legs are still hurting me ( after two days !! ) . I shook and shook and . . collapsed.

Welcome to Uganda !


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