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Don’t get me wrong , everything is going very well, and I am blessed with the results we are doing, but small things slowly start to show.

Big reason as well for noticing it all is the fact that I am so so tired and my body is not handling it well. Working day night, and trying to manage the class, it’s intense . A silly flu changed into an irritating never ending symphony of coughing and sneezing. And I think one of those glorious “achwuuu!!” made me loose hearing in one ear. On the outside I am smiling, because those girls make me really proud but in the inside I think I am falling apart.

Even a good night sleep doesn’t help anymore. .

Another problem, like always is the culture difference. As European I am used to certain behavior and manners, which over here don’t really matter. I am very open minded person and always happy to adjust but some things you just can’t get used to.

Eating with hands ? With pleasure . Burping after every meal – not that much .

And again, I don’t want to say it’s good or bad, but just to say that those are the things I am struggling with .

Second thing how stubborn and strong minded people are, but in a negative way almost. They don’t use their creative side to open themselves for opportunity. They prefer to stay the way they are, which half of the time doesn’t necessary mean better or easier.

Oh well . .

I think I just needed to vent .

To balance this please enjoy the creativity of the girls while hand painting our kimonos.



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