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Sewing and intrepreneurship training for girls

Statistically, in the rural Tanzania, only 14-30% of children pass the primary school leaving exam, which is a necessary formality to continue their secondary education. 

Most children finish their educative process at the age of 13-14, without having any kind of profession, any ability or skill to make a decent living. It results in a stagnation in economic development, the reproduction of traditional social/family models, marriages among children, teen pregnancies and lack of emancipation and financial independence of women crucial to any long term social changes. 

The school curriculum usually ignores the essence of critical thinking and life skills, and therefore does not completely prepare for any employment. In addition, in the Mtae area, institutions/companies with any employment opportunities are very rare. The only solution is to create conditions for small enterprises and initiatives – self-employment. Women are in an even less flexible situation as the traditional forms of employment (motorcycle drivers, shopkeepers) are reserved mainly for men. After completing primary education, a boy has greater opportunities to earn money or move to a larger city than a girl. For them, the only future is getting married (often long before the age of 18), teen pregnancy, motherhood, eventually a small retail job at trade fairs selling produce.


The sewing vocational orientation workshop begun in July 2022 in the village of Mtae. 23 girls (aged between 14 and 20) who failed their standard 7 examination and didn’t continue into a secondary school were given an opportunity to learn sticking, fashion design and entrepreneurship. The Sisters Workshop provides them with a 6-months vocational training course in tailoring (modern, designer, product marketing, distribution).

In addition to learning specific skill in this given field, the attendees also learn the basics of accounting, marketing, Social Media, human resources management, etc. The idea of the project is a multi-level learning that prepares them to run their own small-scale business. After the training stage, participants will be able to apply for micro credits from MamboViewPoint Lodge for financing their own activities (purchase of tools, materials, registration, purchase of land, etc.)

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