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UGANDA - the beginning..

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

It all started couple months ago, I realised how thankful I am for everything what life gave me and I came to conclusion that it's high time to give back. I set down and started to look for possibilities, writing down ideas, to then meet Weronika ( Veroetnika ), who helped me to put it all together.

But let's start from beginning!

I was super lucky trough whole my life, from sport - to modelling, travelling the world I got the courage to discover new places. I didn't want to wait for anything or anybody. I just wanted to discover the most I can and learn from people what life is truly about. That's why as soon as I finished high school, I packed my suitcase and flew across the world and landed in Australia. The good fortune smiled once again, I got into one of the best school of Fashion Design at TAFE Ultimo, Sydney. After 3 years of studying, i got my diploma and started to work in the industry. I created a label under my name -Maja Kotala- and started to fight for my future. Having a brand was very difficult and expensive, so after three years I took a decision of putting in on hold and to take an amazing job opportunity in Paris, where I live now. I work for an agency which represents international labels on global market. Life in France might be a touch out of control, but I guess that's where all the artists take the inspiration from.

And here I am April 2018, writing my plan of action of how can I help, where can I help and who can I help. I knew it had to be something connected to fashion, sharing my knowledge and experience.

In regards to the place, I had the calling for Africa for a long time. The who I needed a help with . And as mentioned above my path crossed over with an amazing person Weronika Mliczewska, an insanely crazy traveller, movie director and an inspiration to all of us. It was her who introduced me with people of Mpigi, Uganda.

And then the roller coaster began.

Plan of action . Raising Money . Let's go!

That was hard, it was something completely new for me, searching for sponsors, starting crowdfunding, writing down the program. But the luck never left me. I got amazing support from even more amazing people. There is no words which would describe how thankful I am for all the help I received. It's a pure joy for my heart to know how many incredible friends and family members surrounds me.

Writing the program was also a challange, the key to the success was to squeeze three years of study, and six years of working in the industry into small book, and three weeks of course. I have never been a teacher but I have a feeling that over there everything is different. There is no rules to apply. Its all about sharing. And this is something I am focusing on.

It all happened so quickly !

So now it's time to take care of last steps : visa, tickets, finalising the Fashion Book ( more about it soon )and I am ready to meet people of Uganda !

Keep Your fingers crossed !


If you feel like supporting the mission, you are more then welcome to purchase one of the T-shirts on:

All income goes to building up the atelier in SINA, Uganda.


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