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Wanna come to Kenya ?!

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Travelling during COVID times isn't easy and the rules are constantly changing. So please don't follow my words blindly !

This is only a process I needed to go trough in June 2021! ;)

  1. VISA - cost 52$, valid for 3 months, only one time entry .

Kindly note, on the arrival you need to present a printed form. They will ask you how long you are staying in Kenya for, make sure you know. Once I was given only one month Visa instead of three by accident. Luckly I noticed it and they fixed it straight away. Since COVID it's highly recommended to apply for visa online.

To apply You need :

- passport photo scan

- passport front cover scan

- passport the BIO scan

- Credit/ Debit card

- Address of your stay

- Proof of where you stay

- flight ticket

- and all basic information

I use this website :

2. Health registration :

Covid related check if you are ok health wise to fly in.

To do that you kind of need your boarding pass.

It's easy to do , even by using your phone.

You receive a QR code which is scanned on the arrival.


  1. Transport - there is UBER and BOLT - as a best , cheapest option .

  2. On the airport ? There is wifi , quickly check the cost of the driver and then you have best card to negotiate with waiting for you taxis. Normally it costs around 1000 KSH ( 10$ ) don't get them fool you !

It takes around 45min - 1h to get to Sewing Together .

Unfortunately the road is HORRIBLE , as they are building a new one ( since ever ) so don't get scared !



PS. If you are coming to stay with us, it would be more than amaaaazing, if you could help us with water and electricity bills. ;)


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