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Want to come Africa ?

We use the terminology Africa very lightly here, but it's good to mention that every country is different to another. The same like we are, but i believe what makes us united is the love to help each other no matter where you from.

Regardless of ups and downs I can't wait to go back. Many of you asked me how I did it, so here I want to share some of the basics, so maybe You can join and travel with me next year ?

1. To start with, focus on what you good at.

Not all of us needs to go to Africa to build houses . For me it was fashion. I was teaching how to make clothes from drawing to sewing, to be able to create self sustainable environment. Who do I miss on a team ? Business coaches, doctors, or simply people passionate in supporting by assisting with production and set up. You can be a chef or make up artists, all those skills are valuable, and I will be more then happy to help you create a program which could help others ( lessons, activities and meetings )

2. Time - I have spend one month in Uganda, but I believe three weeks is enough for a person who is going to Africa the first time or by themselves. If you want to come with me ? I would kindly recommend 10 days minimum.

3. How - that's the hard one. Once the program is created, its the time to work on needs. I created a crowdfunding campaign, which was a great support from my family and friends. The goal was to buy sewing machines to be able to set up the workshop, and buy all the necessary fabrics and materials.

As a next source of extra money, I have set up a small shop with T-shirt's with African pocket. The key was to have commercial product, easy to sell and to work with. Whole income went for local transportation, gifts and some "extras" for the whole team I worked with in Uganda.

Last source of money was the sponsors, who helped with organisation, covered the emergencies and secured all the downs.

If you want to join the team and want to come with me, you will be required to contribute in all three ways. But I am not like any other organisation who would say, pay 10 000$ and you can come. No ! All is base on the program we create together. If you want to be an english teacher , the program should cover all the books, stationary, transportation of the children and a set up of the place. I don't want your money. I just want to make a difference.

So if you want to know how much money you need calculate :

around 1000 euro for the flight ticket + 200 euro vaccines + 30 euro weekly food ( if not less it depends ) + 20 euro weekly transport

( if not less it depends ) + weekend accommodation (I didn't do it myself but thats my suggestion, if you are in the middle of nowhere with no water - its nice no go for a weekend to a hotel and simply have a shower to come back with more power to work) + >>PROGRAM<<

It's better to have more therefore I based my first draft on how much I need base on European prices, that allowed me to have less stressful cash flow over there and buy few extras. ( Back to the teacher cost of books, pencils, rubbers, pens, colour pens etc - as some can be brought over from the country of origin )

4. Where - I am currently working on developing three possibilities: Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda . The great thing is all those three countries are under one visa, so if we lucky we can do something in all three! Why not ! Dreams should be big ! There could be more options, however I focus mostly on english speaking countries with rather calm political situation ).

5. Check list - if your answer is YES for all those questions below then please send me an email ( ) and we can start creating a program, or I can help you to develop yours .

- Are you ready to get all the vaccines and visas ($) ?

- Are you ready to roll up the sleeves and work ?

- Are you ready to raise the founds and change the world ?

- Are you ready to change your holidays into something rewarding ?

- Are you ready to change somebodies life ?

- Are you responsible and strong to live without water and electricity ?

- Are you strong to live without wifi ?

- Are you creative to make something out of nothing with food and daily products ?

- Are you ready to meet the real You ?

I am looking forward for all the emails ! It doesn't need to be long, just say your name, where you from and how would you like to contribute ( even if its just by simply coming with me with optimism to work ).

I will write in next post list of things you need to bring to Africa to have a pleasant trip.




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