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Meet Caroline . .

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Caroline Gift Syengo - age 24 .

Caroline was one of my most eager to learn and talented student.

Everyday I could count on her help , support and finished product in high quality.

The more I got to know her, the more as well I discovered how difficult was her past. It's incredible how those young women, could put all the sad aside and work twice harder to achieve a success. I think we should look into ourselves and look for the same strength Caroline has.

" We are 7 children in our family plus mum and dad...I lost my mom when I was in class four.. But I have another good mom... My mom is a nurse ad my dad is an engineer and also a pastor...

Pastoring in redeemed gospel church.... I failed in my national exams and so I had to look for a way to make my dreams come.. And now through teacher Peter I knew Nairobi Girls Training Center and here I am now... I thank God "

Every morning I could hear her name screamed between the girls : Carooooo ! Carooo ! She is great help to everyone and the love and respect she gained will never dissapear. I am proud of her, as recently she passed the National Sewing Exams and she is now able to work .

Caroline dream is to become a fashion designer and change the World for a better place. You can make her and other designers dream come true by donating to a cause at:

- and soon purchase one of her designs !! Stay tuned ! :)



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24 de set. de 2019

Well done gift you have made us proud. I thank God for helping you realize you dreams and for your mentors. All along they have believed in your potential brought out the best in you. This just the beginning: the sky is your limit; so do not loose focus along the way


I love seeing what am seeing...

I have never believed in failure

Everyone has an opportunity to embrace his/her destiny every success man on earth has always a beggining.

You can make it always in life and become who you want to become

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